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U2000 Huawei iManager U2000 NMS BUY for GPON

U2000 Huawei iManager U2000 NMS BUY for GPON OLT/ONT Monitoring & Management.

If anybody want to Buy Huawei iManager U2000 NMS for GPON OLT/ONT Monitoring & Management, you can contact with me. Below are the details:

I have U2000V100R009C00SPC300 version NMS software with cracked license. Its license not original that causes it’s have some limitation, such as NMS login time it sometime give you popup massage look like “Failed to match the license file” & you can not upgrade/update NMS to new/latest version etc.

But it will not effect your normal working. you can work everything by it look like original. many people are using this NMS without having any problem.

Only NMS software price is $50 USD.

[If you need logical support to install or learning about U2000 service, like ONT Internet configure, VoIP, IPTV, Remote ONT WAN configure from U2000 etc, need extra charge depends on service]

You can install this NMS any Pc/Server, but for best performance you need good hardware, look like below.

Server Hardware: Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1230 (3.20 GHz),
RAM 8/16GB, HDD 300 GB.
C: & D: both Drive need 100GB free space.
Keep NMS software file/folder in D drive.

Operating System: Windows server 2008 R2 standard version with English Language.

Huawei GPON U2000 NMS Setup Preparation

Its Validity is: unlimited

U2000 Validity

Its license not original that causes it sometime/login time give you a popup massage look like above image”Failed to match the license file” otherwise everything ok.

If you interested to buy this NMS, knock me below E-mail & Skype:


Skype: shahed.israr

For Website protected post view password: $25 USD
Only U2000 NMS Software Buy: $50 USD
U2000 NMS + Installation & Basic Setup: $100 USD
U2000 + Setup + Support to ONT Internet Configure Training: $150 USD
VoIP: $100 USD
IPTV: $100 USD

*Others are depends on service & time.

Payment Methods:

1st option: International Master/VISA Credit Card.

2nd option: Payoneer / PayPal / Skrill / Payza or Western Union.

Huawei GPON OLT Configuration

Huawei GPON OLT Configuration:

Here is the some steps for Huawei GPON OLT Configuration. May be it will help you how to configure ONT in OLT & some basic troubleshooting.

GPON Technology Diagram Overview

Huawei OLT Basic Configuration

Create DBA profile in Huawei OLT

Create Traffic Table in Huawei OLT

Register Huawei ONT in Huawei OLT by CLI

GPON FTTH ONT Configure by U2000 NMS

How to configure Huawei ONT in Huawei OLT(Video)

GPON Triple Play Service Configuration (Internet,WiFi, VoIP, IPTV & CATV)

Configure Trunk port in Huawei ONT

Configure QinQ VLAN in Huawei OLT

Huawei ONT Bandwidth Configure

Troubleshoot commands of Huawei ONT

Troubleshooting Command Huawei OLT Part-1

Firmware/Patch Upgrade Huawei OLT

Delete Huawei ONT from OLT

Huawei OLT all Configuration backup procedure

Huawei OLT Factory Default/Erased All config

All Configuration Restore Huawei OLT

Huawei OLT Board List details

User Create Huawei OLT

Control Board Load-sharing Configure

Huawei OLT some configure

Huawei OLT Command list.

Protected: Control Board Load-sharing Configure in Huawei OLT

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Huawei OLT Important Configure

Huawei OLT Important Configure:

Today i will share Huawei OLT Important Configure, hope it will help you.

Huawei OLT  Default control Card (MCUD,SCUN) ETH port IP:
Huawei OLT Standard login: root, password: admin

Connect to the console port (CON) and prescribe IP management in a managed VLAN ID 10:
vlan 10 smart
vlan desc 10 description “Management”
port vlan 10 0/8 0
interface vlanif10
ip address
ip route-static

Alternatively, you can assign an IP meth special port for management instead of default ip have to be connected to the OLT excess cable):
interface meth 0
ip address 24

EXAMPLE setting time:
time 11:24:00
time 11:24:00 2016-11-06
display time
timezone GMT+ 02:00
display timezone
display time dst
display time time-stamp
display time-range
ntp-service Subcommands
display ntp-service

Example configuration export to the tftp server:
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#backup configuration tftp old_config.cfg
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#backup data tftp old_data.dat
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#backup bios tftp old_bios.bin
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#backup program tftp old_program.efs

Huawei MA56xx OLT Command Lists

Huawei MA56xx OLT Command Lists

Today i will share Huawei MA56xx OLT Command Lists.

View the current OLT version & patch:
display version
display patch all

View the current configuration:
display current-configuration

Save Configuration:

Viewing of the current configuration in which the specified section:
display current-configuration | section vlan
display current-configuration | section gpon
display current-configuration | section btv
display current-configuration | section device
display current-configuration | section post
display current-configuration | section abs
display current-configuration | section public
display current-configuration | section global

Viewing of the current configuration in which the specified text is found:
display current-configuration | include 485754431CBD8333

Example view various statistics:
display board 0
display board 0/5
display cpu 0/5
display resource
display security config
display temperature
display gpon statistics ethernet 0/5 0

MA5608T MCUD card GE0 upstream port info:
MA5608T(config)#interface mcu 0/2
MA5608T(config-if-mcu-0/2)#display port ddm-info 0
MA5608T(config-if-mcu-0/2)#display port traffic 0

MA5683T SCUN Card GE0 upstream port info:
MA5683T(config)#interface scu 0/8
MA5683T(config-if-scu-0/8)#display port ddm-info 0
MA5683T(config-if-scu-0/8)#display port traffic 0

When connecting the broken SFP can see information on it such as active alarms:
display alarm active all

Time info:
display time
display timezone
display time dst
display time time-stamp
display time-range
display ntp-service

An example of the inclusion of protection from dos:
display security anti-dos control-packet rate 0/5/0
display security dos-blacklist all

Including other protection:
display log security
display security config
display security conflict

View mac-address:
display mac-address vlan 1501
display mac-address service-port 12
display mac-address port 0/5/0
display mac-address all
display mac-address all | include 000c-29b9-3331

Clear mac-address:
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#undo mac-address mac 000c-29b9-3331 vlan 1501

View ARP address:
display arp all

Setting the control CPU overload (typically 10):
display cpu-overload-control parameter
cpu-overload-control  parameter adjustfactor 20

Enable / disable the display of alarms in the console:
alarm output all
undo alarm output all

Setting and viewing logs:
display log all (History of entered commands of all users)
display log cli (CLI users)
display log failure (History of uncompleted commands entered)
display log index (Index of the log)
display log memory (The max memory of some type of log)
display log name (The history of the entered commands by the specified user)
display log security (Display security log)
display log snmp (SNMP users)
display loghost
log modify operating (Operating log (Modify log configuration))
log modify security (Security log)
loghost activate (Activate a log server configuration item)
loghost add (Add a log server configuration item)
loghost deactivate (Deactivate a log server configuration item)
loghost delete
display syslog
syslog disable (Set the switch for reporting the alarm event to the syslor)
syslog enable (Set the switch for reporting the alarm event to the syslor)
syslog output (Configure the output level of the syslog)
syslog sync (Synchronizing the alarm event to the syslog server)



Today i will share some SNMP MIB and OID info for Huawei OLT ONT.

I did not practically do it, if anybody success please inform me or comments below of this post.

Example MIB audit team and OID of Linux:
1    snmpwalk -v 2c -c public

Actually with a list of OID:

The optical power of the ONU:

The temperature of the boards:
1    hwMusaBoardTemperature

Temperature slots:
1    hwSlotTemprature

Download the processor board:
1    hwMusaBoardCpuRate

1    hwMusaFramePower

Interface description:
1    ifDescr

Interface Traffic:
1    ifInOctets
2    ifOutOctets

Huawei GPON U2000 NMS Setup Preparation

Huawei GPON U2000 NMS Setup Preparation:

You need to follow below procedure before install U2000 NMS.

  1. Download Windows server IOSU2000 NMS & Tools from here.
  2. Install Windows server 2008 R2 standard version with English Language (mandatory). then active windows serial by using Windows OS Activator.
  3. Assign Static IP address in server PC LAN port (DHCP IP not allow), Because after NMS install you can not change server PC IP.
  4. You can assign private/public any ip, but you need to reachable Server PC to OLT IP & OLT to server PC IP, both way by ping test. it will be P2P or through local IP network via router as per your network plan.
  5. Disable your Server PC firewall/Antivirus, option from control panel.
  6. Keep NMS folder & license file in D:\ drive.
  7. SNMP Parameter configure in OLT.

SNMP parameter for OLT:

snmp-agent sys-info version v2c
snmp-agent community read public
snmp-agent community write private
snmp-agent target-host trap-hostname U2000SERVER address 10.x.x.x udp-port 162 trap-paramsname NMS
snmp-agent target-host trap-paramsname NMS v2c securityname NMS
snmp-agent trap enable standard

You need to put your server/computer name & server ip in pink colored area.

U2000 NMS Server Hardware: Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1230 (3.20 GHz), RAM 8/16GB, HDD Minimum 300 GB.

Operating System: Windows server 2008 R2 standard version with English Language.

U2000 NMS server PC configuration

U2000 NMS server PC configuration

HDD partition: C:\ & D:\ both Drive need Minimum 100GB free space. Must need C & D drive.

Server HDD Partition

Server HDD Partition

For more details about payment issue visit below link:

Huawei iManager U2000 NMS Buy for GPON OLT

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