3rd-Party ONT Add Feature Unlock Huawei OLT - GPON Solution

3rd-Party ONT Add Feature Unlock Huawei OLT

3rd-Party ONT Add Feature Unlock Huawei OLT to support other brand ONT in Huawei OLT. If anybody Interested & want to unlock Huawei OLT contact Skype: shahed.israr


Huawei OLT by default not support 3rd-party other brand ONT. If anybody configure other brand 3rd-party ONT in Huawei OLT. If ONT status shows offline. Also reason of offline: Insufficient ONT interoperability access license. Then you need to unlock your Huawei OLT. After OLT unlock its release lock & ONT status shows online.

I have Below OLT Unlock solution:
MA5600T/MA5680T/MA5603T/MA5683T: (SCUN/SCUK/SCUH)

MA5800-X2: (H901/H902MPSC/MPSA)
MA5800-X7/MA5800-X15/MA5800-X17: (H901/H902/H903MPLA/MPLB)


You will get ONT below status if OLT not unlocked.

MA5608T(config)#display ont info 0 1 6 0

F/S/P : 0/1/6
ONT-ID : 0
Control flag : active
Run state : offline
Config state : initial
Match state : initial
Reason of offline : Insufficient ONT interoperability access license
DBA type : –
ONT distance(m) : –
ONT last distance(m) : –
ONT battery state : –
Memory occupation : –
CPU occupation : –
Temperature : –
Authentic type : SN-auth
SN : 4E42454CB15A62DA (NBEL-B15A62DA)
Management mode : OMCI
Software work mode : normal
Isolation state : normal

3rd party ONT interoperability access license

After Unlock OLT you get ONT status Online & normal like below.

MA5800-Series-OLT MPSC-MPSA-MPLA-MPLB Card Unlock

MA5800-Series-OLT MPSC-MPSA-MPLA-MPLB Card Unlock.



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