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About Me

I am A.B.S.M Shahed Israr

I am working as Sr. Network Engineer at Data Network, IP Transmission Network Planning, Technology Department & it is a Bangladeshi NTTN service provider company.

My Responsibility: Implementation & Troubleshooting Layer 2, Layer 3 & FTTx Technology With (Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel & LScable device).

From 18 August, 2013 to continue.

I am looking GPON related good opportunity in worldwide. Also i am a certified Freelancer in Bangladesh, Specialist in GPON Technology.


Gpon Solution is my personal website not professional company. I make this site for everybody, who want to learn GPON technology. May be it will help for basic configuration & knowledge.

Also I provide part-time logical/technical support to configure OLT/ONT service & other troubleshooting if it within my Knowledge.

I didn’t sell any product/Device. if anyone want to buy GPON OLT/ONT/SFP/Splitter etc device, E-mail me i will give you good China supplier contact details, who sell GPON device & where you will get very lowest price from competitive market.

I have Huawei U2000 R009, R014, R015 & R017 & R018 NMS software & ZTE NetNumenU31 NMS software for GPON OLT/ONT configure & Monitor.

If any query/support please E-mail me : shahed.cse06@gmail.com

My Skype ID: shahed.israr

GPON SOLUTION Support Price List:

Payment Methods:

1st option: International Master/VISA Credit Card.

2nd option: Payoneer / PayPal with 6% Fee.


My Experience:

  • Implementation and Troubleshooting of Data Network Components including Switches, Routers to provide a standard service provider infrastructure.
  • Cisco IOS, XE, XR (ASR9010, ASR9001, ASR-902/903, ASR-920, ASR-901 & NCS5504, NCS55A2, NCS540x etc.) Juniper (MX10, MX80 & ACX1100), Huawei (NE40X8A, NE40M2K, NE8000 M14, M8, ATN910D-A, ATN910C-G etc.) Router configuration and service implementation for Telco & ISP.
  • Cisco ME3800, ME3400, 2960, Huawei Quidway CE8851, CE6865, S6300, S5300, S3300, S2300 series switch configuration and provide solutions to customers under service provider manner with QinQ, Staking, Trunking, QoS policy, LACP, Ether-channel etc.
  • GPON service configuration and troubleshooting below device.
  • Huawei MA5600T/MA5680T/MA5603T/MA5683T/MA5608T/MA5800-X17, X15, X7, X2  OLT .
  • Alcatel-Lucent 7360 ISAM FX-8 , FX-4.
  • LS Cable LST20016 OLT.
  • Configuring the FTTB and FTTH internet service by access, trunk & Q-in-Q link with QoS policy.
  • Back end customer support – Provide critical fault handling techniques to the support department for customer, and Provide 2nd level support to customer.
  • Vendor Management – Coordinate with Vendors for quality improvement of the network, to ensure timely repair of faulty equipment, and Network tools analysis and up gradation.

Skills in IT fields:

IP Networking: Knowledge of OSI layers, TCP / IPv4 & v6. IP Subnetting including VLSM.

Layer2 Protocol: STP, RSTP, MSTP & ERPS.

Routing Protocols: RIP, RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP (iBGP, eBGP & MP-BGP), IP/MPLS with L2 & L3 VPN (VPLS & H-VPLS, VRF), HSRP, GRE, IP Sec, DMVPN.

Virtual LANs (VLANs): Broadcast control & Security.VLAN membership, Protocol & inter-VLAN Routing. Configuring Q-in-Q VLAN tunneling And L2 protocol tunneling. VLAN Mapping etc…

NAT: Types of NAT, working procedure, PAT, troubleshooting.

ACL: Configure network security on your switch / Router by Using Access control lists (ACLs).

Server Technology: Configuring (Active Directory Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, FTP, Telnet, IIS, VPN, File Server, Print Server) in windows & (DNS, DHCP, FTP, Telnet, NFS, VPN, Samba, File Server & Mail Server) in Linux Platform.

FTTx Technology: Implementation & Troubleshoot GPON device like (Huawei, Alcatel & Ls-cable: OLT, ONT, ONU etc.).

MikroTik: Configuring of MikroTik HotSpot, VPN through PPTP, L2TP. PPPoE, DHCP, Proxy, PCQ, PCC, Load-balancing etc.

Others: Wireshark, Port mirroring,

HCNA – Carrier IP, Certificate Number: 01010010287807262731425

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Hi! I am Shahed. Currently working as a Network Engineer. I want to build up my carrier in Networking field.

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26 Responses to About Me

  1. Md. Mahbub Shaheen says:

    thanks a lot.

  2. Md. Mizanur Rahman says:

    Great job. good. very good and thank you very much. it will help many engineers and technical personnel. keep it up.

  3. Sebastien Cramatte says:


    First of all very useful blog ! It’s saved my Day 😉
    We are interested into hire expert into huawei GPON headend that help us to do fine tuning. Are you available ?

    • Mayowa says:

      I also work on GPON and use Huawei devices back here in Nigeria. With 1 of the Major telecoms firms in West Africa.

  4. Ron Cleven says:

    We recently purchased a huawei ma5683 with EPON. Is this an environment you know anything about? If so, would you be available for consulting? We have had difficulty getting support to get the initial configuration working. We went with EPON partly because we needed to install the ONT's outdoors, and, we could not find hardened ONT's compatible with huawei GPON. I would prefer contact by email – ron.cleven@velocitytelephone.com

    • Todd Mueller says:

      I see that you only work with GPON, but would you be interesting in consulting/taking look at our multicast configs for EPON?

      I don’t believe the setup would be much different than GPON, we’re just looking for a second set of eyes with Huawei experience to look for anything obviously wrong.

  5. todd mueller says:

    i need help with multicast vlans on an ma5600.
    i have a consulting budget available.

  6. Md. Hayder Ali says:

    This is great job… Best of luck.

  7. Ram Chowdary says:

    Hi Israr,
    This is Ram from India.
    we recently purchased HUAWEI smartAX MA5683T.
    We are facing problems while configuring the OLT and also while configuring ONU to OLT.
    Its an GPON Technology. We will be waiting foryYour help and suggestions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    ArcTel Communications

  8. Morgan says:

    I want to replace HG8245 with HG8245H,but facing these:
    Service Provisioning Status:
    ONT Registration Status: Successfully registered the ONT with the OLT.
    OLT Service Configuration Status: Failed to obtain the status because the OLT version does not match.
    EMS Configuration Status: No XML configurations applied.
    ACS Registration Status: —
    I can obtain ip, but facing too much package lost when pinging public ip, and cant connect to any website.
    Is it a configuration problem or hardware problem?
    How to fix it?
    Thanks very much.

  9. Manel says:

    I want to move a ONT from one Gpon port to another due to fiber reassigment ?

    There is an easy way of doing that instead of deleting the service port, delete ont and add againg ?

    • Shahed says:

      sorry, you need to follow this processes. no shortcut way.
      1. Undo Service port [current service port]
      2. ONT delete from current port
      3. ONT add new port
      4. Native VLAN configure
      5. New service port create.

  10. cristian mauricio riascos sanchez says:

    Good evening I am from Buenaventura Colombia I want to learn more of gpon huawei and this page is the only one I have found information regarding this technology since it is very limited your information regarding configuration grcias to help the world continues so I am going to make my donation But I need your shipping information

  11. venkataiah says:

    hi dear i need some help
    huawei olt ma5608t olt i want only data configurations how to configurations ?

  12. Alex says:

    Hi. We have a lot of MA5608T with V800R013C00SPC100 and V800R013C00SPC101 with 3rd party licence patch. Now we have problem with 2048 ONU limitation. Do you know something about this limitation? May be you know a software version without this limitation and with support 3rd party ONU?

    • Shahed says:

      your R013 version OLT support per pon port maximum 1:64 ratio ONT.
      so if you have 2xGPFD (16 PON port) card then maximum PON port is 32 & max ONT: 32×64=2048

      • Paul says:

        Hi, I've got Huawei OLT MA5680T with version: MA5600V800R013C00, two borads GPFD 16 PON port. You wrote that the max. ONT per port are 1:64.
        I had on the one port more than 64 ONT (72 ONT = 72 customers). Everything is ok but I'm wondering
        about the max. ONT per port. I heard that the max. is 128 ONT. Is it correct?

  13. SerJ says:

    Please tell me a configuration example on Huawei MA56** on GPON in the implementation of SELECTIVE QINQ:
    – packing all tagged traffic in svlan on the eth port of it
    – skipping one multiple vlan without changes

    On EPON it is realizable? on GPON it is somehow sad, only port-based qinq or hanging the inner-tag work 🙁

  14. Hazhir says:


    Are you also able to unlock Huawei 5800 OLTs to accept 3rd party ONTs?

  15. Rajesh Pd. Kurmi says:

    plz share your contact detail like whatsapp,wechat,viber or contact number.

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