Configure bandwidth limit cisco switch - GPON Solution

Configure bandwidth limit cisco switch

How to Configure bandwidth limit cisco switch / bind switch port bandwidth

Today i will discuss how to configure bandwidth limit cisco switch port. At first create policy map then apply it into port which port you bind specific bandwidth. In this case i will show you how to configure 1 MB Bandwidth limit in a switch port.

Go to config mode by: conf t command then follow bellow command.

Policy Map for Input traffic:

policy-map 1MBps
class class-default
police cir 1048576 bc 1000000
conform-action transmit
exceed-action drop

Policy Map for Output traffic:

policy-map 1MBps_Out
class class-default
queue-limit 544
shape average 1048576

Now we apply policy map in fa0/8 port which i configure before:

conf t
interface FastEthernet0/8
service-policy input 1MBps
service-policy output 1MBps_out


N.B: here 1MBps= 1048576 in Kbps

Configure bandwidth limit cisco switch

Configure bandwidth limit cisco switch

You can show your policy map by: sh policy-map   command.



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