H.248 VoIP Service Configure Via U2000 NMS - GPON Solution

H.248 VoIP Service Configure Via U2000 NMS

H.248 VoIP Service Configure Via U2000 NMS

Today i will show you how to H.248 VoIP Service Configure Via U2000 NMS. The OLT is connected to the remote ONT through a GPON port to provide users with the IP-based high-quality and low-cost VoIP service.


  • The interface data and POTS user configuration data corresponding to the MG interface have been configured on the MGC.
  • The OLT has been connected to the MGC. The OLT can ping the IP address of the MGC server successfully.
  • The ONT has been added to the OLT. For details, see Adding an ONT to an OLT.
  • Different voice services require different ONT software versions. Before the configuration, ensure that the current ONT software version supports H.248. For details, see relevant ONT manuals.

Data Plan:

Data Plan for H.248 VoIP Service Configure

Data Plan for H.248 VoIP Service Configure

H.248 VoIP Service Configure Procedure:

1.Configure a traffic profile.

Run the display traffic table ip command to query the existing traffic profiles in the system. If the existing traffic profiles in the system do not meet the requirements, run the traffic table ip command to add a traffic profile.

Set the profile name to ftth_voip and do not limit the upstream and downstream rates. Set the priority to 5 and packets are scheduled according to the priority carried.

Gponsolution(config)#traffic table ip name ftth_voip cir off priority 5 priority-policy local-setting

2. Configure the mapping relationship between a GEM port and a VLAN.

The service flow of user VLAN 40 is mapped to GEM port 12 in the ONT line profile.

Gponsolution(config)#ont-lineprofile gpon profile-name ftth
Gponsolution(config-gpon-lineprofile-1)#gem mapping 12 2 vlan 40

3.Create a service VLAN and add an upstream port to it.

Add upstream port 0/19/0 to VLAN 40.

Gponsolution(config)#vlan 40 smart
Gponsolution(config)#port vlan 40 0/19 0

4.Create service flows.

Set the service VLAN to 40, GEM port ID to 12, and user VLAN to 40, and use traffic profile ftth_voip.

Gponsolution(config)#service-port 4000 vlan 40 gpon 0/1/0 ont 1 gemport 12 multi-service user-vlan 40 inbound traffic-table name ftth_voip outbound traffic-table name ftth_voip

5.Enable the ARP proxy function.

Voice media streams for different users of the same SVLAN fail to interchange because the service ports of the smart VLAN are isolated from each other. Therefore, the ARP proxy function needs to be enabled on the OLT.

Gponsolution(config)#arp proxy enable
Gponsolution(config)#interface vlanif 40
Gponsolution(config-if-vlanif40)#arp proxy enable

6. Save the data.


H.248 VoIP Service Configure Via U2000 NMS:

Configure the ONT through U2000:


  • The following configuration procedure is for scenarios with the bridging ONT. For scenarios with the bridging ONT+HGW, configure the voice service on the HGW but not on the ONT. For detailed configurations, see the HGW Configuration Guide.
  • The window for configuring ONT value-added service (VAS) profiles varies with ONT versions, but the parameter configuration is the same. For details, see relevant ONT manuals.

1. Configure and bind a general value-added service (VAS) profile for the ONT.

Choose Configuration > Access Profile Management from the main menu.

Then choose PON Profile > ONT VAS Profile from the navigation tree.

Choose General ONT VAS Profile tab, right-click in a blank area and choose Add(Service Configuration Type)

Also follow the step by step procedure in below Image.

H.248 VoIP Service Configure Via U2000 NMS

H.248 VoIP Service Configure Via U2000 NMS


If the upper-layer network requires isolation of media streams from signaling streams, create different traffic streams for the media streams and signaling streams on the OLT. When the packet is forwarded from two WAN ports, the configured VLAN is carried by default. Create a WAN port named WAN-RTP on the ONT, and set this WAN port to a media WAN port. Specifically, choose Interface 1 > RTP and set Associate WAN Interface to WAN2.

2. ONT Bind a general VAS profile.

In the Main Topology, double-click the desired NE in the Physical Root navigation tree. In the NE Explorer, Choose GPON > GPON Management from the navigation tree.

ONT Bind a general VAS profile3. Configure the ONT VAS service.

On the GPON ONU tab, specify the filter criteria and click find to display the desired ONUs.

Configure the ONT VAS service.


Domain Name is ONT’s domain name registered with the MGC. It is globally unique. MG Domain Name in this example is ONT’s password.

Pay attention to the RTP TID configuration when the ONT is interconnected with a softswitch of other vendors. The terminal IDs A0 must be consistent with the corresponding configuration on the MGC.

Do not configure Directory Number.

Configure Done.



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