May 22, 2024

Huawei OLT Important Configure

Huawei OLT Important Configure:


Today i will share Huawei OLT Important Configure, hope it will help you.

Huawei OLTĀ  Default control Card (MCUD,SCUN, MPLA, MPSC etc) ETH port IP:
Huawei OLT Standard login: root, password: admin or admin123

Connect to the console port (CON) and prescribe IP management in a managed VLAN ID 10:
vlan 10 smart
vlan desc 10 description “Management”
port vlan 10 0/8 0
interface vlanif10
ip address
ip route-static

Alternatively, you can assign an IP meth special port for management instead of default ip have to be connected to the OLT excess cable):
interface meth 0
ip address 24

EXAMPLE setting time:
time 11:24:00
time 11:24:00 2016-11-06
display time
timezone GMT+ 02:00
display timezone
display time dst
display time time-stamp
display time-range
ntp-service Subcommands
display ntp-service

Example configuration export to the tftp server:
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#backup configuration tftp old_config.cfg
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#backup data tftp old_data.dat
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#backup bios tftp old_bios.bin
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#backup program tftp old_program.efs

EXAMPLE reset configuration (Erased OLT all configuration):
erase flash data active/standby

New Boards add with OLT:
MA5683T(config)#display board 0

MA5683T(config)#board confirm 0
MA5683T(config)#board confirm 0/5
or manually
MA5683T(config)#board add 0/6 H805GPFD

Adding a new user Vlan:
MA5683T(config)#vlan 20 smart
MA5683T(config)#port vlan 20 0/8 0
MA5683T(config)#display vlan 20


DBA profile add:
MA5683T(config)#display dba-profile all
MA5683T(config)#dba-profile add profile-id 10 type4 max 1024000

Adding lineprofile:
MA5683T(config)#ont-lineprofile gpon profile-id 1
tcont 4 dba-profile-id 10
gem add 1 eth tcont 4
mapping-mode vlan
gem mapping 1 0 vlan 20
gem mapping 1 1 vlan 30

Adding srvprofile:
MA5683T(config)#ont-srvprofile gpon profile-id 1
ont-port eth adaptive pots adaptive
port vlan eth 1 20
port vlan eth 2 30

Setting and adding GPON ONU:
MA5683T(config)#interface gpon 0/5
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#port 0 ont-auto-find enable
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont autofind 0
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#ont add 0 0 sn-auth 5A544117C04C6148 omci ont-lineprofile-id 1 ont-srvprofile-id 1 desc customer-id

Adding a service-port for added onu (for each onu need to register service-port, will not work without it):
MA5683T(config)#service-port 12 vlan 20 gpon 0/5/0 ont 0 gemport 1 multi-service user-vlan 20 tag-transform translate
MA5683T(config)#service-port 13 vlan 30 gpon 0/5/0 ont 0 gemport 1 multi-service user-vlan 30 tag-transform translate

Setting GIU uplink ports:
MA5683T(config-if-giu-0/8)#network-role 0 uplink
MA5683T(config-if-giu-0/8)#display port state all
MA5683T(config-if-giu-0/8)#display traffic-suppress

Example view information about the ONU added:
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont info 0 0
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont ipconfig 0
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont traffic 0 0 1
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont optical-info 0 1
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display ont version 0 1
MA5683T(config-if-gpon-0/5)#display statistics ont-eth 0 1 ont-port 1

To remove the ONU must first remove the service-port 12, and then the very ONU teams:
undo service-port 12
interface gpon 0/5
ont delete 0 0

DHCP configuration:
MA5683T(config)#dhcp-server 0 ip
MA5683T(config)#dhcp proxy enable
MA5683T(config)#interface vlanif 20
MA5683T(config-if-vlanif50)#dhcp-server 0

Configure loop guard:
ring check enable
ring check resume-interval 30

An example of the inclusion of protection from dos:
security anti-dos enable
security anti-dos control-packet policy deny
security anti-dos control-packet rate 0/5/0 default
display security anti-dos control-packet rate 0/5/0
display security dos-blacklist all
Including other protection:
security anti-icmpattack enable
security anti-ipattack enable
security anti-macduplicate enable
display log security
display security config
display security conflict


Hi! I am Shahed Israr. I try to help GPON Technology users with their queries and provide them with relevant and accurate information to the best of my ability. My main goal is to assist and enhance GPON Technology user and help people find the answers they're looking for quickly and easily.

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Hi! I am Shahed Israr. I try to help GPON Technology users with their queries and provide them with relevant and accurate information to the best of my ability. My main goal is to assist and enhance GPON Technology user and help people find the answers they're looking for quickly and easily.

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6 thoughts on “Huawei OLT Important Configure

  1. Hi,

    First thanks for your informative posts.

    Is it possible to disable paging, I mean stop showing "more" in the result of command. I searched a lot and didn't got any command.

  2. Hello sir
    I want my x2cs board speed to 1000 only since it is of 10g how do i configure it to 1000 please its an urgent

  3. Hi Shahed!!!
    Need you help.
    A have Billing system + Mikrotik + Huawei MA5680T/
    The billing system is represented by the RADIUS(PPPoE) + IP POOL/
    Mikrotik RouterOS performs the DHCP + PPPoE(radius) function and ramps the speed according to the tariff plan./
    I can not configure HUAWEI MA5680T/
    Can not bring them together/

  4. Hello,

    I just bought a Huawei 5608T Olt. But as i can see it doesnt recognize Zte and V-sol ont.
    Is there anything i can do to make this olt support and other onu beside huawei onus?

    Thank you

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