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MPLS VPN Components basic knowledge

MPLS VPN Components:

Today I will discuss about MPLS VPN Components. It is same as MP-BGP Components. only extra Label component are added with MPLS VPN Components.

  • RD: Route Distinguisher
  • VPNv4 routes
  • RT: Route Target
  • Label
MPLS VPN Components

MPLS VPN Components

VPNv4 address:

  • To convert an IPv4 address into a VPNv4 address, RD is appended to the IPv4 address i.e 1:1: Makes the customer’s IPv4 route globally unique.
  • Each VRF must be configured with an RD at the PE. RD is what that defines the VRF  


ip vrf v1
rd 1:1

VPNv4 Address

VPNv4 Address


  • Route-target (RT): Identifies the VRF for the received VPNv4 prefix. It is an 8-byte extended Community (a BGP attribute).
  • Each VRF is configured with RT(s) at the PE. RT helps to color the prefix.


ip vrf v1
route-target import 1:1
route-target export 1:2

Route-target (RT)

Route-target (RT)


  • The Label (for the VPNv4 prefix) is assigned only by the PE whose address is the Next-Hop attribute, PE routers re-write the Next-Hop with their own address (loopback). “Next-Hop-Self” towards MP-iBGP neighbors by default.
  • PE addresses used as BGP Next-Hop must be uniquely known in the backbone IGP

           DO NOT summarize the PE loopback addresses in the core





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