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MPLS VPN Connectivity diagram

MPLS VPN Connectivity diagram:

Today i will discuss about MPLS VPN Connectivity diagram or how a MPLS VPN domain buildup in service provider environment.

MPLS VPN domain are consist mainly P & PE router.  P router means provider router, and PE router means provider edge router. P router are only forwarded Level & PE router collect & distribute customer prefixes. If we look bellow diagram we see P & PE router how connected.

MPLS VPN Connectivity diagram:

MPLS VPN Connectivity diagram

MPLS VPN Connectivity diagram

Task of P router:

  • P routers are in the core of the MPLS cloud
  • P routers do not need to run BGP and doesn’t need to have any VPN knowledge
  • Forward packets by looking at labels
  • P and PE routers share a common IGP

Task of PE router:

  • Edge Routers
  • Use MPLS with P routers
  • Uses IP with CE routers
  • Connects to both CE and P routers.
  • Distribute VPN information through MP-BGP to other PE router with VPN-IPv4 addresses, Extended Community, Label.


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