PHYHOME OLT Configuration FH-Net FHL1012B - GPON Solution
March 25, 2023

PHYHOME OLT Configuration FH-Net FHL1012B

PHYHOME OLT Configuration FH-Net FHL1012B/016B/040B

Hi everybody ! Today i will show you how to PHYHOME OLT Configuration in FH-Net FHL1012B/016B/040B series OLT.

Two way we can configure this OLT, one is CLI mode another is NMS GUI mode. Today i will show you PHYHOME OLT Configuration in cli mode.

Step 1.Log in

You may login to the FHL1012B by serial port or by Ethernet cable. We suggest use secureCRT tool to manage, this tool support serial management and Telnet management

1.1.Login to the OLT by the serial port

Connect the serial cable the the console port, setup the Baud rate to 9600,and open the console port, Access the OLT by the username/passowrd:admin/admin. The passowrd of enable mode is “admin” also.


1.2. Log in by Telnet

The default IP address of the FHL1012B is

Connect the Ethernet cable to the NMS port, configure the static IP of your PC to,and then start a PING test to see if the is reachable.

Set up a telnet session to and input the username “admin”, password “admin” to access the OLT.

Step 2 Enable the PON port and uplink port.

Before provisioning the services, please make sure the PON port and uplink port is active

2.1.  Enable the uplink port

# system   —-go to the system mode
system# configure ——go to the system->configuration mode, to configure the uplink port
system\configure# uplink on 6:1   —–enable the uplink port 6:1
system\configure# uplink on 6:2
system\configure# uplink on 6:3
system\configure# uplink on 6:4
system\configure# uplink mode  fiber 6:1 ——-set the uplink mode to fiber
system\configure# uplink mode  sgmii 6:2 ——-set the uplink mode to coper

2.2 Enable the PON port.

system\configure# pon on 1 1  —–Enable the PON port of slot 1, port 1.
system\configure# pon on 1 2
system\configure# pon on 1 3
system\configure# pon on 1 4
system\configure# pon on 2 1
system\configure# pon on 2 2
system\configure# pon on 2 3
system\configure# pon on 2 4

Step 3, configure the ONT auth  mode  to auto-auth

Here you may configure the ONT auth mode to auto-auth, so that  the ONT will be register to the OLT automatically.

system\configure# exit   ——exit from the system->configure mode
system# ont  —–go to the ONT mode
ont# configure   ——go to the ONT->configure mode
ont\configure# auth-mode no-auth 1  —–configure the auth-mode to no-auth for slot 1.
ont\configure# auth-mode no-auth 2
ont\configure# auth-mode no-auth 3
ont\configure# auto-auth enable 1   ——configure the ont auto-auth for slot 1
ont\configure# auto-auth enable 2
ont\configure# auto-auth enable 3

step 4, connect the ONT to the OLT

Connect the ONT to the OLT and please make sure the RX optical power at the ONT side is between -3dbm and -27dbm
After that you would see the ONT has registered to the OLT automatically:

ont# display ont-auth-info slotno 1
onu-idx   onu-type                     mac-addr                encryption  refreshtime  catv
1/4/2      B03_304_AN_ANN  00:aa:bb:01:23:45  disabled       N\A               x

step 5, Configure the internet services for the ONT

ont# service   ———go to the service mode, in this mode you may query the services
service# configure   ——-go to the service->configure mode
service\configure# service number 1 2 3 4 5   —–configure the services number of the ONT slot 1, pon port 2, onuID 3, eth port 4. the services number of this eth port is 5.  you need to modify the parameters according to the real location&type of your ONT.

service\configure# customer-vlan 1  2  3  4  1 tag 5 33204 6 ——configure the services for the ONT located slot 1, pon port 2, ONTID 3, here we configure the ONT ethernet port 4, the index the services is 1, the vlan mode is tag, and 802.1Q priority is 5, vlan ID is 6, and 802.1Q type is  0x8100(33204 in decimal scale)

Apply services to the ONU:
service\configure# apply fe-service-compress-pkt 1 2  3

step 6, Configure the VLAN and join to the uplink port

service\configure# exit
service# vlan  ——go to the vlan mode.
vlan# vlan-database data  internet 6 6:1 tagged  —– create a vlan 6, named internet, and join to the uplink port 6:1, the packets will be tagged by vlan 6 when left from this uplink port.

Here the internet services set up finish, you may test the internet services by the ping to see if everything is ok.

PHYHOME OLT Configuration FH-Net FHL1012B
PHYHOME OLT Configuration FH-Net FHL1012B


Hi! I am Shahed. Currently working as a Network Engineer. I want to build up my carrier in Networking field.

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Hi! I am Shahed. Currently working as a Network Engineer. I want to build up my carrier in Networking field.

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