TACACS Configure in ZTE OLT - GPON Solution

TACACS Configure in ZTE OLT

TACACS Configure in ZTE OLT

Today i will be discuss how to TACACS Configure in ZTE OLT.


  • Make sure that the network device works normally.
  • Log in to the ZXA10 C220 through HyperTerminal or Telnet.


TACACS+ is an AAA protocol. TACACS+ supports independent AAA functions, allowing different TACACS+ security servers to work as the authentication, authorization, and accounting servers.

To configure the TACACS+, perform the following steps:

1. Use the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode.
2. Use the tacacs enable command to enable TACACS+ function.
3. Use the tacacs-server host command to configure TACACS+ server.
4. Use the tacacs-server key command to configure TACACS+ shared encryption key.
5. Use the tacacs-server packet command to configure TACACS+ packet size.
6. Use the tacacs-server timeout command to configure TACACS+ time-out period.
7. Use the aaa group-server tacacs+ command to configure TACACS+ AAA server group.
8. Use the server command to configure TACACS+ server IP address in the AAA server group.
9. Use the aaa accounting command to configure AAA accounting method.
10. Use the aaa authentication command to configure AAA authentication method.
11. Use the aaa authorization command to configure AAA authorization method.

Example of TACACS Configure in ZTE OLT:

  • TACACS+ server IP address:
  • TACACS+ server key: zte
  • TACACS+ server packet size: 2048 byte
  • TACACS+ server time-out: 10 second
  • TACACS+ AAA server group: abc

ZXAN#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CTRL/Z.
ZXAN(config)#tacacs enable
ZXAN(config)#tacacs-server host key zte
ZXAN(config)#tacacs-server packet 2048
ZXAN(config)#tacacs-server timeout 10
ZXAN(config)#aaa group-server tacacs+ abc
ZXAN(config)#aaa authentication login default group abc
ZXAN(config)#aaa authorization exec default group abc
ZXAN(config)#aaa accounting commands 2 default stop-only group abc

Example of TACACS Configure in ZTE OLT

Example of TACACS Configure in ZTE OLT



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