ZTE ONU Register in ZXA10 C220 OLT - GPON Solution

ZTE ONU Register in ZXA10 C220 OLT

ZTE ONU Register in ZXA10 C220 OLT

Today i will show how to configure / ZTE ONU Register in ZXA10 C220 OLT.


  • Make sure that the network device works normally.
  • Make sure that the VLAN is configured properly on uplink equipment.
  • Make sure that the GPON card works normally.
  • Log in to the ZXA10 C220 through Console or Telnet.

Connect a PC to an FE/GE port of an ONU. The ONU adds VLAN tag to user’s data at FE/GE port and sends user data to different service channel according to VLAN and priority. The ZXA10 C220 performs the mapping from GEM port to Ethernet frame and sends data out through the uplink port.

Configuration Data:

Service VLAN:

  • VLAN ID: 100
  • Priority: 1

Uplink port: 0/14/1

GPON port: 0/5/1

Bandwidth profile:

  • Profile name: T1–50M
  • Bandwidth type: Maximum (Type 4)
  • Bandwidth: 50 Mbps


  • ONU ID: 1
  • ONU type: F621
  • ONU SN: ZTE_06120664


  • T-CONT index: 1
  • T-CONT name: Tcont50M
  • Bandwidth profile: T1–50M
  • Alloc ID: Auto-allocate

GEM port:

  • T-CONT index: 1
  • GEM Port index: 1
  • GEM Port nameGemport1
  • Port ID: Auto-allocate

ONU unicast service connection:

  • GEM port name: Gemport1
  • UNI: eth_0/1
  • Bridge: 0/1
  • Uplink interface: 0/1/1
  • Connection type: 802.1p + bridge

Note: The ZXA10 C220 supports 8 service priorities (0 – 7), where 0 is the lowest priority and 7 is the highest priority.

It is recommended to configure the service priority as follows:

  • Priority of data service: 1
  • Priority of IPTV service: 5
  • Priority of VoIP service: 7
  • Priority of CES service: 7
ZTE ONU Register flowchart

ZTE ONU Register flowchart

To configure the data service/ZTE ONU Register, perform the following steps:

Step-1. Register ONU:

i. Query unconfigured ONU on the GPON-OLT port.
ZXAN#show gpon onu uncfg gpon-olt_0/5/1
OnuIndex                     Sn                                  State
gpon-onu_0/5/1:1     ZTE_06120664           unknown

ii. Enter the GPON-OLT interface configuration mode.
ZXAN#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CTRL/Z.
ZXAN(config)#interface gpon-olt_0/5/1

iii. Register ONU.
ZXAN(config-if)#register 1 type ZTE-F621 ZTE_06120664 state ready

iv. Query ONU state.
ZXAN(config-if)#show gpon onu state gpon-olt_0/5/1
OnuIndex                    Admin  State   Omcc State   O7 State         Phase State

gpon-onu_0/10/1:1   enable              enable            operation       working

Step-2. Configure bandwidth profile.

A bandwidth profile defines upstream bandwidth of a T-CONT.

i. Enter the GPON configuration mode.

ii. Configure bandwidth profile.
ZXAN(config-gpon)#bandwidth-profile T1-50M type 4 maximum 50000

Step-3. Configure T-CONT and GEM port.

  • T-CONT (Transmission Container) is the minimum unit of upstream bandwidth scheduling which is identified by Alloc ID.
  • GEM port is the minimum unit of downstream traffic which is identified by port ID.

i. Enter the GPON-ONU interface configuration mode.
ZXAN(config)#interface gpon-onu_0/5/1:1

ii. Create T-CONT.
ZXAN(config-if)#tcont 1 name Tcont50M traffic T1-50M

iii. Create GEM port.
ZXAN(config-if)#gemport 1 name Gemport1 unicast tcont 1

Step-4. Configure VLAN service port.

i. Enter the GPON-ONU interface configuration mode.
ZXAN(config)#interface gpon-onu_0/5/1:1

ii. Configure port mode to hybrid.
ZXAN(config-if)#switchport mode hybrid vport 1

Note: By default, one V-port corresponds to one GEM port.

iii. Add port to service VLAN in tag mode.
ZXAN(config-if)#switchport vlan 100 tag vport 1

Note: When a port is added to a VLAN, the VLAN is added automatically.

Step-5. Configure VLAN uplink port.

i. Enter the OLT uplink port configuration mode.
ZXAN(config)#interface gei_0/14/1

ii. Configure uplink port mode to hybrid.
ZXAN(config-if)#switchport mode hybrid

iii. Add uplink port to service VLAN in tag mode.
ZXAN(config-if)#switchport vlan 100 tag

Step-6. Configure ONU unicast service connection.

i. Enter the ONU remote management mode.
ZXAN(config)#pon-onu-mng gpon-onu_0/5/1:1

ii. Configure the map between GEM port and uplink interface.
ZXAN(gpon-onu-mng)#interwork gemport Gemport1 dot1p-bridge uplink_0/1/1 prio-list 1

iii. Bind the UNI to bridge interface.
ZXAN(gpon-onu-mng)#bridge-port uni-bind eth_0/1 bridge_0/1

iv. Configure UNI VLAN and priority.
ZXAN(gpon-onu-mng)#vlan-tag uni eth_0/1 up-mode overwrite upprio 1 up-vid 100 down-mode untag

v. Configure VLAN filter mode on UNI.
ZXAN(gpon-onu-mng)#vlan-filter-mode uni eth_0/1 tag-filter vid-filter untag-filter transparent

vi. Configure VLAN filter entry on UNI.
ZXAN(gpon-onu-mng)#vlan-filter uni eth_0/1 priority 1 vid 100

vii.Configure VLAN filter mode on uplink interface.
ZXAN(gpon-onu-mng)#vlan-filter-mode uplink uplink_0/1/1 tagfilter vid-filter untag-filter discard

viii.Configure VLAN filter entry on uplink interface.
ZXAN(gpon-onu-mng)#vlan-filter uplink uplink_0/1/1 priority 1 vid 100

Step-7. Save configuration data.
Building configuration…

Result: The PC connected to this ONU can access the Internet after the data service is configured successfully.

ZTE ONU Register in ZXA10 C220 OLT

ZTE ONU Register in ZXA10 C220 OLT



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    I Shahed !!! Is it possible to get the mac address of uncfg ONU? Thanks!

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