How to Configure ONT Wi-Fi Access Service by U2000 - GPON Solution

How to Configure ONT Wi-Fi Access Service by U2000

Configure ONT Wi-Fi Access Service by U2000

This section describes how to configure ONT Wi-Fi access service through the NMS (U2000).


  • The user has the operator authority or higher to configure ONT Wi-Fi.
  • The OLT and the NMS communicate with each other properly.
  • NMS is able to discover an online ONT and Internet access services are configured.


  1. In the Main Topology, double-click the required OLT in the Physical Root navigation tree; or right-click the required OLT and choose NE Explorer from the shortcut menu.
  2. Choose GPON > GPON Management from the navigation tree.
  3. On the GPON ONU tab page, set the filter criteria or click to display the GPON ONUs.
  4. Select an ONT in the normal state, right-click the ONT, and choose maintain ONT to configure ONT Wi-Fi remotely.
  5. On the navigation tree wifi configuration,click Query query information about SSIDs created for this ONT. Select a specified SSID to query information about Configuration in Detail, Advance Configuration, Authentication Configuration, as shown in the following figure.
    1. Configuration in Detail:Select a specified SSID, modify corresponding configuration items, and click Config to the device. Parameter Description SSID name Indicates the name of a wireless network. It is used to distinguish different wireless networks. It consists of a maximum of 32 characters, excluding Tab characters. Enable SSID Indicates whether to activate a connection. Associated Device Nubmer Specifies the number of connected wireless terminals. Range: 1-32. Broadcast SSID Enables or disables the SSID broadcast function.
      • If the option box is selected, it indicates that the SSID broadcast function is enabled. The ONT periodically broadcasts its SSID, that is, the name of the wireless network. In this way, any wireless terminal can find and then connect to this wireless network.


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  1. Hi, it is possible to change the wpa/wpa2 password from telnet/ssh ?

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