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Client Kickoff Huawei OLT

Client Kickoff Huawei OLT

Client Kickoff command is used to disconnect an end user. When the administrator needs to disconnect the user from the server if the insecurity operations of a user or users with the same level are found, run this command. After that, the user cannot perform any operation to the system.


client kickoff clientid

Clientid: clientid Indicates the end user number. Each end user has the only number. When you need to disconnect the specified end user, use this parameter.

Privilege mode

Administrator level

Usage Guidelines:

  • Run the display client command to get clientid, and then run the client kickoff command to disconnect the end user.
  • Only the super user and administrator can disconnect users with lower levels.
  • The super user can disconnect a user with the administrator, operator and common user level.
  • The administrator can disconnect only the user at the operator and common user level.
  • When the user disconnects the connection, the system displays the message “Failure: Can’t kick oneself off”.

To disconnect the user whose ID is 3, do as follows:

BD-Huawei#client kickoff
{ clientID<U><1,22> }:3                                                         

          client kickoff 3  
Are you sure to kick the user off?(y/n)[n]:y
The user has been kicked off successfully

System Response:

  • The system displays the message “The user has been kicked off successfully” after an end user is disconnected successfully.


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