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Juniper Router factory default

Juniper Router factory default:

Are you want to  juniper router factory default ? or delete total configuration ?

There are many reason to want to reset the configuration back to factory defaults on a Juniper Router. Perhaps you bought a router off eBay and its got an existing configuration and you don’t want to manually delete every section of the config. Maybe you have to sanitize your devices because they’re being decommissioned and sold off. Wouldn’t want configurations with company confidential information ending up in the hands of random strangers who bought the devices off eBay would you? Sadly this does happen.

There are two ways to reset the configuration back to factory defaults. Both methods of course require root or super-user privileges. The first method is known as the zeroize method. This method removes all existing configurations off the Juniper device including the configuration, certs, logs and forces a system reboot. This process is used when you need to sanitize a device prior to decommissioning. This method is done executing the single command request system zeroize in user mode. It will prompt you to confirm this action and will reboot the device.

The second process which is a more common does not erase the configuration pe se but replaces the running configuration with the factory default configuration while the device is running. Once the existing running configuration is replaced by the factory default configuration you must still commit the changes however you’re required to set the root password prior to committing the changes. To replace the running config with the factory default config, you would execute the load factory-default command in configuration mode.

You should note when loading the factory-default configuration, the existing hostname you have assigned to the device will remain until the device is rebooted or the hostname is changed in configuration.

Now that you’re familiar with the commands needed to execute this procedure you should attempt to perform this procedure on R1 or you own device.

Factory default procedure are given below:

Step-1. Type the load factory-default command in configuration mode:

root@host# load factory-default

Step-2. Use the set system root-authentication plain-text-password command to set a new root password for the device:

root@host# set system root-authentication plain-text-password

Step-3. Type the root password and retype it to confirm it:

New password:********
Retype new password:********

Step-4. For save your password & configuration.


Step-5. Finally reboot your system by reboot command.

router> request system reboot

Example of Juniper Router factory default:

Juniper Router factory default

Juniper Router factory default



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