U2000 Huawei iManager U2000 NMS BUY for GPON - GPON Solution

U2000 Huawei iManager U2000 NMS BUY for GPON

U2000 Huawei iManager U2000 NMS BUY for GPON OLT/ONT Monitoring & Management.

If anybody want to Buy Huawei iManager U2000 NMS for GPON OLT/ONT Monitoring & Management, you can contact with me. Below are the details:

I have U2000 R009, R014, R015, R017 & R018 Version NMS.

R018 is latest & support all feature. I have two type license (ESN & Without ESN version). For ESN version you did not get any ESN License error massage.

My Without ESN license not Official that causes it’s have some limitation, such as NMS login time it sometime give you popup massage look like “Failed to match the license file” “ESN license not match with system” & you can not upgrade/update NMS to new/latest version.

But it will not effect your normal working. you can work everything by it look like original. many people are using this non-official version NMS without having major problem.

[If you need logical support to install or learning about U2000 service, like ONT Internet configure, VoIP, IPTV, Remote ONT WAN configure from U2000 etc, need extra charge depends on service]

You can install this NMS any Pc/Server, but for best performance you need good hardware, look like below.

Server Hardware: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2670 (2.60GHz).
{For Virtual PC need 4 Logical core & 2 socket per core.}
RAM 8/16GB, HDD 300 GB or SSD 256GB.
C: Drive need 100GB free space.
D: Drive need 150GB free space.
Operating System: Windows server 2008/2012 R2 standard version with English Language.

Huawei GPON U2000 NMS Setup Preparation

Its Validity is: unlimited

U2000 Validity

Its license not original that causes it sometime/login time give you a popup massage look like above image”Failed to match the license file” otherwise everything ok.

If you interested to buy this NMS, knock me below E-mail & Skype:

E-mail: shahed.cse06@gmail.com

Skype: shahed.israr

For GPON SOLUTION Support Price List Click Here

U2000R009 NMS + Installation & Basic Setup: $100 USD
U2000R009 + Setup + Support to ONT Internet Configure Training: $200 USD
U2000R015 Without ESN Version NMS Installation Charge: $300 USD
U2000R017 Without ESN Version NMS Installation Charge: $500 USD

U2000R018 Without ESN Version NMS Installation Charge: $600 USD
VoIP: $100 USD
IPTV: $100 USD
*Others are depends on service & time.

Payment Methods:

1st option: International Master/VISA Credit Card.

2nd option: Payoneer / PayPal with 6% fee.



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  1. Toseef says:

    Hello Shahed, I am interested in purchasing Huawei NMS U2000 softwared and i also need your help in purchasing OLT for my network.
    I am leaving my contact details below, can you please provide some guidance.

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