Vlan mapping Huawei Switch - GPON Solution

Vlan mapping Huawei Switch

Vlan mapping Huawei Switch:

Today I will show you how to configure Vlan mapping Huawei Switch / Vlan converting from one Vlan to another vlan. Let’s go………….

Step-1: At first login your switch & create your desired vlan in Vlan databae which you use.

Step-2: Then go to interface mode & follow bellow example.

interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
description “Your port description here ”
qinq vlan-translation enable
undo port hybrid vlan 1
 port hybrid tagged vlan 10 20 30 40
 port vlan-mapping vlan 10 map-vlan 30
 port vlan-mapping vlan 20 map-vlan 40
ntdp enable
ndp enable
bpdu enable
trust 8021p

Here 10 & 20 is vlan which you want to convert. And 30 & 40 is converted Vlan.

So 10 Vlan is mapping/converted to 30.
And 20 Vlan is mapping/converted to 40

Vlan mapping Huawei Switch

Vlan mapping Huawei Switch



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