Change BootROM Password on Huawei Routers - GPON Solution

Change BootROM Password on Huawei Routers

Change BootROM Password on Huawei Routers:

Today i will discuss how to Change BootROM Password on Huawei Routers.


This example applies to all AR models of V200R002C01 and later versions.


1. Connect a PC to the device with a serial cable and log in to the device through the console port.

2. Restart the device. When the message “Press Ctrl+B to break auto startup …” is displayed, press Ctrl+B and enter the password to display the BootROM main menu.

BIOS Creation Date : Nov 07 2013, 12:41:12                                     

DDR DRAM init : OK                                                              

Start Memory Test ? (‘t’ or ‘T’ is test):skip                                  

Copying Data : Done                                                            

Uncompressing : Done                                                            

USB2 Host Stack Initialized.                                                   

USB Hub Driver Initialized                                                     

USBD  Wind River Systems, Inc. 562 Initialized                                  

Octeon Host Controller Initialize……Done.                                   

Press Ctrl+B to break auto startup … 2


The default password in V200R003C01 and earlier versions is huawei, and the default password in V200R005C00 and later versions is Admin@huawei.

3. Select choice 7 to enter the Password Manager menu.

        Main Menu                                                                                              

    1. Default Startup                                                          

    2. Serial Menu                                                             

    3. Network Menu                                                            

    4. Startup Select                                                           

    5. File Manager                                                            

    6. Reboot                                                                  

    7. Password Manager                                                         

 Enter your choice(1-6):7    

4. Select choice 1 to change the password.

        PassWord Menu

    1. Modify the menu password                                                

    2. Clear the console login password                                        

    0. Return                                                                                                                                          

Enter your choice(0-1):1

Modify password. Press Ctrl+c to break.                                        

Enter Old Password:******                                                       

Input new password:******                                                      

Input new password again:******                                                

Are you sure to change password? [y/n]:y                                        

Save new password Success.

Configuration Notes

  • Do not randomly enter the BootROM menu to perform operations. If necessary, contact Huawei technical support personnel.
  • When performing operations, ensure that users on the serial port are kept online.
  • Keep your password secure.


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  1. Damain says:

    Hi What is the default password MA5600V800R018C00

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