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Juniper currently logged users show

Juniper currently logged users show

Today i will discuss how you know Juniper currently logged users show/How many users currently logged in juniper router. Suppose you are logged in to the router and you want to see who else is logged in. More than one person can log in to a Juniper router at any given time, logging in either with an individual user account name or with a group name that is shared by many users. (An example of a group account is root.) Each person who is on the router can perform whatever operations they’re allowed, depending on their privileges, and it’s possible that another person’s work may interfere with what you’re doing.

Use the show system users command to see who is logged in to the router:

shahed@Jessore-PE1> show system users
10:26PM  up 1:15, 2 user, load averages: 0.19, 0.07, 0.02
USER     TTY      FROM                              LOGIN@  IDLE WHAT
shahed   d0       -                                10:25PM     - -cli (cli)
mike     d1       -                                10:17PM     - -cli (cli)

If you discover that an unwanted user is logged into the router or if you need to perform an operation, such as rebooting the router or installing new software, you can forcibly log people out. The show system users command shows you the names of users who are logged in. Use the name to forcibly log the person out, in this case Mike:

shahed@Jessore-PE1>request system logout mike

Now, Mike sees the following on his terminal window:

mike@Jessore-PE1> Connection closed by foreign host.

You can also ask people to log out. You can ask an individual with a command like this one, with any message you want:

shahed@Jessore-PE1> request message user mike message “End router session now!”

You can also have the message go to everyone currently logged in to the router:

shahed@Jessore-PE1> request message all message “End router session now!”

Juniper currently logged users show

Juniper currently logged users show



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