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Juniper Root Password Setup

Juniper Root Password Setup

Today i will discuss how to setup Juniper Root Password in Router/Switch. The Junos OS is pre-installed on the router or switch. When the router or switch is powered on, it is ready to be configured. Initially, you log in as the user root with no password. The root directory of a UNIX device is the entry point to all other folders and files on that device. As a result, access to the root directory is restricted by default to a predefined user account known as root user. The root user (also referred to as superuser) has unrestricted access and full permissions within the system. The expression “log in as root” is commonly used when an action requires you to log into the device as the root user.

Root password is mandatory. Without root password you can not commit configuration.


root@% cli

root> configure
Entering configuration mode
The configuration has been changed but not committed

root# set system root-authentication plain-text-password     [Enter]
New password:*******
Retype new password:*******

Here New password is your desire password and Retype new password is same as you given. Don’t worry it’ll be encrypted-password 🙂


root> show configuration
## Last commit: 2016-02-27 18:54:28 UTC by root
version 12.1R1.9;
system {
root-authentication {
encrypted-password “$1$zgwzp/tm$TwH.c5eub/7b1cOyaLG9W0“; ## SECRET-DATA
syslog {
user * {
any emergency;
file messages {
any notice;
authorization info;
file interactive-commands {
interactive-commands any;

Junos-FIPS software has special password requirements. FIPS passwords must be between 10 and 20 characters in length. Passwords must use at least three of the five defined character sets (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, punctuation marks, and other special characters). If Junos-FIPS is installed on the router or switch, you cannot configure passwords unless they meet this standard. If you use the encrypted-password option, then a null-password (empty) is not permitted.

You cannot configure a blank password for encrypted-password using blank quotation marks (” “). You must configure a password whose number of characters range from 1 through 128 characters and enclose the password in quotation marks.



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