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Juniper Software Version show

How to show Juniper Software Version:

Today i will discuss how to show Juniper Software Version.

You want to determine which software version is running on the router.
The following command shows the software version and lists all the software components that are running on the router:

shahed@Jessore-CE1> show version
Hostname: Jessore-CE1
Model: acx1100
JUNOS Base OS boot [12.3R2.5]
JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [12.3R2.5]
JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [12.3R2.5]
JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [12.3R2.5]
JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (ACX) [12.3R2.5]
JUNOS Online Documentation [12.3R2.5]
JUNOS Routing Software Suite [12.3R2.5]

On the J-series routers, the software ships as a single package:

shahed@Jessore-CE2> show version
Hostname: Jessore-CE2
Model: j2300
JUNOS Software Release [7.4R1.7] (Export edition)

Operating system:

The JUNOS Base OS Software Suite, the JUNOS Kernel Software Suite, and the JUNOS Support Tools Package comprise the JUNOS operating system. The base OS is the underlying operating system software, which is based on FreeBSD, and the kernel is the software that runs on the various hardware boards, including the networking cards (the Flexible PIC Concentrators, or FPCs, and the Physical Interface Cards, or PICs).

Forwarding software:

The JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support package is the forwarding software, which runs on the forwarding board and is responsible for receiving and forwarding network traffic.

Routing software:

The JUNOS Routing Software Suite is the routing software. It runs on the Routing Engine, which you can think of as a separate computer within the router dedicated to handling all routing functions, such as calculating the best routes to network destinations and managing the routing tables.

Security software:

The crypto (security) software is provided only with JUNOS software shipped within the United States and Canada.

Online documentation:

Online documentation is installed on the hard disk and is available while you are logged in to the router.

If you are debugging a problem with the JUNOS software and suspect that one of the software components is not running, use the show version detail command to list all the software processes that are installed:

shahed@Jessore-CE1> show version detail

[Here you can see the detail of packages information]

how to show Juniper Software Version.

how to show Juniper Software Version.



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