PON Principles - GPON Solution

PON Principles

PON Principles:

(Almost) all PON types obey the same basic principles

OLT and ONU consist of

  • Layer 2 (Ethernet MAC, ATM adapter, etc.)
  • optical transceiver using different lsĀ  for transmit and receive
  • optionally: Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Downstream transmission

  • OLT broadcasts data downstream to all ONUs in ODN
  • ONU captures data destined for its address, discards all other data
  • encryption needed to ensure privacy

Upstream transmission

  • ONUs share bandwidth using Time Division Multiple Access
  • OLT manages the ONU timeslots
  • ranging is performed to determine ONU-OLT propagation time

Additional functionality

  • Physical Layer OAM
  • Autodiscovery
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation


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