User Create Huawei OLT - GPON Solution

User Create Huawei OLT

User Create Huawei OLT:

Today i will show how to create user in Huawei SmartAX MA6500T OLT.

At first go to config mode & follow below step……..

Huawei-OLT(config)#terminal user name
User Name(length<6,15>):shahed
User Password(length<6,15>):********
Confirm Password(length<6,15>):********
User profile name(<=15 chars)[root]:
User’s Level:
1. Common User 2. Operator 3. Administrator:3
Permitted Reenter Number(0–4):4
User’s Appended Info(<=30 chars):Data_O&M
Adding user successfully
Repeat this operation? (y/n)[n]:n

Look like below format in OLT:

Verify user create Configuration:

display terminal user

display terminal user

Please follow bellow my video tutorial.



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