Configure Q-in-Q Lscable ONU - GPON Solution

Configure Q-in-Q Lscable ONU

Configure Q-in-Q Lscable ONU:

Today i will show you how to configure q-in-q lscable onu Ethernet port, here i use ONU Ethernet port 1 to configure q-in-q.  So let’s go to our configuration part.

Step-1: Login your LS cable ONU device & go to config mode & type bellow command, like this……….

interface fe1
   switchport access vlan 100
   switchport vlan-stacking customer-edge-port
   rate-limit input rate 1024 burst 16000
   rate-limit output rate 1024 burst 16000
   duplex full

N.B: here 100 is q-in-q Vlan

Step-2: Now need to configure your ONU upstream GPM card port. like this……….

interface gp1
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 100 tagged
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 333 tagged
  switchport vlan-stacking provider-port ethertype 0x8100

N.B: here 100 is q-in-q Vlan & 333 is management Vlan.

Configure Q-in-Q Lscable ONU

Configure Q-in-Q Lscable ONU

Video Tutorial:



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