April 25, 2024

Huawei MA56xx OLT Command Lists

Huawei MA56xx OLT Command Lists


Today i will share Huawei MA56xx OLT Command Lists.

View the current OLT version & patch:
display version
display patch all

View the current configuration:
display current-configuration

Save Configuration:

Viewing of the current configuration in which the specified section:
display current-configuration | section vlan
display current-configuration | section gpon
display current-configuration | section btv
display current-configuration | section device
display current-configuration | section post
display current-configuration | section abs
display current-configuration | section public
display current-configuration | section global

Viewing of the current configuration in which the specified text is found:
display current-configuration | include 485754431CBD8333

Example view various statistics:
display board 0
display board 0/5
display cpu 0/5
display resource
display security config
display temperature
display gpon statistics ethernet 0/5 0

MA5608T MCUD card GE0 upstream port info:
MA5608T(config)#interface mcu 0/2
MA5608T(config-if-mcu-0/2)#display port ddm-info 0
MA5608T(config-if-mcu-0/2)#display port traffic 0
MA5683T SCUN Card GE0 upstream port info:
MA5683T(config)#interface scu 0/8
MA5683T(config-if-scu-0/8)#display port ddm-info 0
MA5683T(config-if-scu-0/8)#display port traffic 0

When connecting the broken SFP can see information on it such as active alarms:
display alarm active all

Time info:
display time
display timezone
display time dst
display time time-stamp
display time-range
display ntp-service

An example of the inclusion of protection from dos:
display security anti-dos control-packet rate 0/5/0
display security dos-blacklist all

Including other protection:
display log security
display security config
display security conflict

View mac-address:
display mac-address vlan 1501
display mac-address service-port 12
display mac-address port 0/5/0
display mac-address all
display mac-address all | include 000c-29b9-3331

Clear mac-address:
Gponsolution-MA5683T(config)#undo mac-address mac 000c-29b9-3331 vlan 1501

View ARP address:
display arp all

Setting the control CPU overload (typically 10):
display cpu-overload-control parameter
cpu-overload-controlĀ  parameter adjustfactor 20

Enable / disable the display of alarms in the console:
alarm output all
undo alarm output all

Setting and viewing logs:
display log all (History of entered commands of all users)
display log cli (CLI users)
display log failure (History of uncompleted commands entered)
display log index (Index of the log)
display log memory (The max memory of some type of log)
display log name (The history of the entered commands by the specified user)
display log security (Display security log)
display log snmp (SNMP users)
display loghost
log modify operating (Operating log (Modify log configuration))
log modify security (Security log)
loghost activate (Activate a log server configuration item)
loghost add (Add a log server configuration item)
loghost deactivate (Deactivate a log server configuration item)
loghost delete
display syslog
syslog disable (Set the switch for reporting the alarm event to the syslor)
syslog enable (Set the switch for reporting the alarm event to the syslor)
syslog output (Configure the output level of the syslog)
syslog sync (Synchronizing the alarm event to the syslog server)
cls (Purification screen)
display bandwidth port frameid / slotid / portid (Set the bandwidth of port)
display alarm active (Display information about active alarms)
display alarm configuration (Display information about alarms configuration)
display alarm dy5 (Display information DY5)
display alarm history (Displaying the alarm history)
display alarm jitter-proof (parameter mapping jitter-proof)
display alarm list alarmclass (Operate by alarm class)
display alarm list alarmlevel (Operate by alarm level)
display alarm list alarmtype (Operate by alarm type)
display alarm list all (Display the basic information of all the alarms)
display list from alarm (alarm Etpu Start ID)
display alarm statistics (statistics alarm result Display)
display autosave configuration (Showing autosave parameters conf iguratsii)
display bandwidth (the Display the bandwidth of board and port or system convergence)
display baudrate (Display Data transfer rate via the console port)
display board number (Displaying card information)
display client (User Info)
display event configuration (the Display event configuration information )
display event history (the Display historical event records)
display event list (the Display event basic information)
display event statistics (the Display event statistics of result)
display frame info (the Display the frame information)
display history-command (Display the history commands entered)
display idle-timeout (Display of terminal timeout interval)
display if all-h248 (info Display of all MG interface)
display infoswitch cli (Display information output switch of the command line)
display interactive (Display command confirme d function)
display language (version information display language)
display mem number (Display memory usage as a percentage)
display patch (the Display information of patch)
display serial-mode (the Display access-mode: console / CQT / 112 / spl)
display sysman mac-address (the Display the network a interface the mAC address)
display system declaration switch statement (Declaration file is to the BE Shown or not)
display system encoding (Display system encoding)
display system sys-info (device configuration information)
display sysUpTime (Display the operating time system)
display temperature frameid / slotid (Display boards temperature)
display terminal type (terminal type Display)
display terminal user all (Display properties of all users)
display terminal user expired-time (Display the properties of a user elapsed time)
display terminal user a locked (Display the properties of the banned users)
display terminal user name (Display the properties polovatelya specified by name)
display terminal user online (Display the properties of online users)
display terminal user- profile all (the Query all user profiles)
display terminal user-profile name (the Query one’s user profiles)
display version (version command group)
display version backplane (Backplane version)
display version frameid / slotid
display acl (ACL status and configuration information)
display adsl (adsl command group)
display alarm (Display alarm correlation information)
display ancp (ancp command group )
display of anti-rogueont (Anti-rogueont command group)
display the arp aging-mode (the ARP entry aging mode)
display the arp aging-time (the ARP entry aging time (unit: min), default time is 20 minutes)
display the arp all (the display static and dynamic ARP entry)
display arp dynamic (Display dynamic ARP entry)
display arp ip_addr (Display ARP entry by special IP address)
display arp proxy (Display ARP proxy status)
display arp static (Display static ARP entry)
display arp vlan (Display special entry by the ARP the VLAN ID)
display the arp-detect Russian (the Arp Detect)
display the auth (authentication parameters)
display auto user (Showing AUTO favor STUDIO)
display auto-backup (Automatic backup)
display auto-vccv (Display the auto-vccv infomation)
display autosense service-port (Autosensing service virtual port)
display autounloop eth (Automatic unloop)
display base-gemport (Base GEM port ID )
display bfd (the Specify the bFD (the Bidirectional Forwarding Detection’s) configuration information)
display the bgp (the BGP information)
display the bind adsl (the aDSL service, of the type)
display the bind all (the display all a binding (s))
display the bind the atm (the ATM service, of the type)
display the bind board (the Bind board command)
display the bind the dynamic-profile (the Dynamic-profile)
display the bind eth (the LAN service, of the type)
display the bind service,-port (the Set by service, virtual port index)
display the bind shdsl (the sHDSL service, of the type)
display the bind vdsl (the vDSL service, of the type)
display bit-error-the define (the PRA the Threshold parameters The bit)
display board (display information about the board)
display-bonding group (the bonding group)
display bpdu (the BPD The U)
display bra state (the Display bra port state)
display bra-alarm-threshold (BRA the Alarm the Threshold parameters The)
display bra-degrade-threshold (BRA Degrade the Threshold parameters The)
display bra-error-the define (BRA the Define the Threshold parameters The)
display buffer ‘( buffer ‘occupancy the display)
display-car-group (Car-group is)
display-car-threshold (Thresholds Car of 802.1p to priorities)
display CESoP-the connect (CESoP-the connect command group)
display cfm (cfm command group)
display all classification (the display all the ONT traffic classification profiles)
display classification profile-id (By profile ID)
display classification profile-name (By profile name)
display clip parameters (Clip parameters configuration)
display clock external (Show config of external clock output)
display clock mode (display 8K and clock work mode 19M)
display clock ql (Show the SSM output mode)
display clock-source (command-source group)
display clock switch statement (the display clock-source switch statement parameter)
display command modify information (Informa tion about the team level is changed)
display config (System Configuration)
display cos-queue-map (802.1p priority queue and map)
display management cpe-config (Show information parameter of management-cpe)
display cpu (Showing percentage CPU utilization )
display cpu-overload-control (cpu-overload-control command group)
display current-configuration (Display current configuration)
display data sync state (Display data synchronization status)
display dba-profile all (all DBA profile)
display dba-profile profile -id (the DBA profile ID)
display the dba-profile profile-name (the DBA profile name)
display debugging (debugging command group)
display default-parameter mpls te CSPF (CSPF the display default parameter of value)
display default-all policy (the display default policy setting )
display dhcp config (configuration DHCP)
display dhcp domain (Domain information)
display dhcp interface (Display DHCP configuration of interfaces)
display dhcp l2 (L2 DHCP statistics)
display dhcp l3 (L3 DHCP statistics)
display dhcp mac-range (MAC range information)
display dhcp option82 (option82 command group )
display dhcp proxy (DHCP proxy user)
display dhcp server config (DHCP server command group)
display dhcp simulation (Simulation)
display dhcp-client (dhcp-client command group)
display dhcp-option82 (Dhcp-option82)
display dhcp-server all -group (All of DHCP server group)
display dhcp-server integer 0-19 (The No. of the DHCP server group)
display the dhcp-server interface (Show the DHCP server group of interfaces)
display digitmap (digitmap the configure)
display digitmap-timer (the DMM T timer the configure)
display the dns domain (domain name by default)
display the dns the dynamic-host (the Dynamic name host)
display dns server (IP address of the domain name server)
display dot1ad (dot1ad TPID)
display dot1x (802.1X)
display dpbo-esel (DPBO-ESEL)
display dscp-to-pbits (DSCP mapping table)
display dsl (XDSL)
display dsp (DSP attributer configure)
display dsp-para-template (Display information of DSP parameters template (s))
display dtmf (DTMF parameter configure)
display E1 state (Display E1 port state)
display e1-degrade-threshold (PRA Degrade Threshold parameters The)
display e1-error-the define (the PRA the Define the Threshold parameters The)
display e2etrace (End to end the trace signalling)
display drop-early (early-drop command group)
display efm (the Ethernet Fault The Managment)
display emu (the display environment monitor u nit (s))
display the encapsulation (the Display the encapsulation of the type)
display epon (of EPON command group)
display esl (of The online user information)
display Exchange-weight (Overload control weight Exchange)
display explicit-path (Show the IP explicit a paths)
display the F5 ( display F5 oam configuration of port data)
display fault (display the board fault list)
display fax (FAX parameter configure)
display fax-modem (Fax and modem parameter configuration)
display fib (FIB status and configuration information)
display file-server (display file server configuration)
display the firewall the blacklist (the Enter the blacklist command group)
display the firewall the config (the display filter configuration)
display the firewall packet-filter (the Specify packet filter)
display the flush (the Smart Link the FLUSH packet)
display frame (the display information about the frame)
display the ftp ( user password and the FTP configuration)
display global-digitmap (of global digitmap information)
display GPON alarm-profile (profile the alarm command group)
display the dba GPON (the Dynamic bandwidt h adjustment)
display GPON ont-password-renew (the ONT password renewal)
display GPON statistics the ethernet (the Ethernet frame statistics)
display GPON statistics gem (the GEM frame statistics)
display h248profile (the Display the Used profile the info)
display h248stack (the Display H248 stack Transactions reliability What parameter)
display h248statistics (h248 message statistic)
display HWTACACS-server (HWTACACS server information)
display icmp statistics (the iCMP statistics)
display the if-h248 (the MG interface)
display igmp (igmp command group)
display interface (Information on all interfaces)
display interface adsl (ADSL interface)
display interface meth (MEth interface)
display interface null (nULL interface)
display interface shdsl (SHDSL interface)
display interface vdsl (VDSL interface)
display interface vlanif (VLAN interface)
display io-packetfile (IO packet file in flash )
display the ip-as with the path-filter (the Specify Regular expression access list number)
display the ip community-filter (of Ad d a community-filter entry)
display ip interface (interface command group)
display ip ip-prefix (Specify an address prefix-list)
display ip routing-table (Routing table)
display ip socket (Display information of created sockets)
display ip statistics ( the display statistic information of datagram)
display the ip the vpn-instance (the VPN the instance information)
display the ip-aware (Ip aware feature command)
display ipoa (IPoA the config)
display ipprec-to-pBits (the IP precedence mapping The table)
display the ipv6 (the ipv6 command group )
display isis (ISIS status and configuration information)
display isolate all (isolate information)
display isolate board (By board)
display isolate group (By group)
display isolate port (By port)
display iua-link (IUA link)
display iua-linkset (IUA linkset)
display l2ua (L2ua protocol)
display L3VPN (L3VPN module)
display lacp (link aggregation Support the Control Protocol)
display license (license information the display)
display line (the display parameter of the ADSL port)
display link-aggregation (link aggre group gation)
display linktrap (Link trap switch statement of the port)
display local-digitmap (of The local digitmap)
display location The (the Display the MAC address location The)
display the lspv (Lsp verification)
display mac-address all (the Display all the MAC addresses The)
display mac- address board (the display the mAC address by board)
display mac-address learning (the Configuration of the dynamic the mAC learning state)
display mac-address max-mac-count (of The maximum number of the mAC address That service, virtual port CAN learn)
display mac-address of meth (display MAC address by METH port)
display mac-address number (display MAC address number)
display mac-address port (display MAC address by port)
display mac-address service-port (display by service virtual port index)
display mac-address static (Static MAC)
display address mac-timer (mac-time storage addresses in the table)
display address mac-vlan (by display MAC address VLAN ID)
display mac-count-zero (Maxmum MAC address learning number is zero)
display mac- pool (Confi gure / display MAC pool)
display mbgp (Multicast-bgp routing table)
display meth (Meth routing)
display mg-overload-control (MG overload control parameters)
display mg-ringmode (Operation of ring mode)
display mg-software (MG interface software parameters)
display mgbrauser (MG-BRA user operation)
display mgc-overload-control (MGC overload control parameters of the MG interface)
display mgprauser (MG-PRA user operation)
display mgpstnuser (MG-PSTN user operation)
display mguser (MG user operation)
display migp (Multicast-igp routing The table)
display mix (Mix the info)
display modem (mODEM parameter the configure)
display monitor-link (Monitor link group)
display mpls (mpls command group)
display mrt (Multicast-static routing The table)
msginfo display (Ten record of overloading msg)
display multi-portid (Multicast the GEM port)
display multicast (multicast group command)
display multicast-unknown (unknown Multicast-keyword)
display norollback (the display the undo rollback time information)
display ont AutoFind (Automatically found ONT)
display ont capability (ONT capability)
display ont info (ONT information)
display ont version (ONT version information)
display ont-digitmap-profile (Ont digitmap profile)
display ont-learned-mac (The mac that the ont learned)
display ont-lineprofile (ont-lineprofile command group)
display ont-pots-profile (Config pots profile)
display ont-sipagent-profile (Ont sipagent profile)
display ont-slaprofile (Ont-slaprofile)
display ont-srvprofile (ONT service, profile)
display ont-of voip-media (ont of voip media)
display onu (the display the state of the function of Managing the the oNU through the the NAT proxy for the the OLT)
display optical-alarm-profile (the optical alarm profile)
display ospf (the Open Shortest the Path First (the OSPF))
display overload-aware (Awareness of overload)
display oversea (Oversea parameters the)
display packet statistic the vlan (the packet)
display packet-filter (the display the configuration information of packet filter)
display pBits-to-pBits (the Priority The table mapping)
display pim (PIM status and configuration information)
display pitp (pitp command group)
display port desc (Display description by port or display port by description)
display port mode (Display nni port mode)
display port statistics (OLT port statistics)
display port vlan (Display VLAN information for port)
display power (Query system power)
display power-dialer-control (Power dialer control parameters)
display pppoa (pppoa command group)
display pppoe (pppoe command group)
display progress (display progress)
display protect-group (protect group)
display protocol (protocol command group)
display pstn (display pstn port state)
display ptp (ptp command group)
display pw (pw command group)
display pw-ac-binding (PW AC binding)
display pw-description (PW description)
pw para-display (PW Specifing PARA Mode configuration)
display pw-ps (PW protection group)
display qos-info (QoS configuration information interface)
display queue-buffer (CoS queue buffer size ratio)
display-scheduler queue (CoS scheduling mode queue)
display-shaping queue (Queue shaping configuration)
display rack (Display information about Rack)
display radius-server (RADIUS status and configuration information)
display raio (Relay Agent Information Options)
display raio-anid (ANID)
display raio- anip (ANIP)
display raio-mode (display relay agent info option mode)
display rawlink (RAWLINK statistics information)
display resource (System resources (mem, message, cpu))
display rfc2198 (rfc2198 command group)
display ring (Configure / display ring check information)
display a rip (a rip command group)
display the rm (the Routing the Module)
display rogueont (of The rogueont)
display rollback (the display board rollback state)
display route-policy (the display Configured route-maps)
display router (the Configure router information)
display RRPP (rrpp command group)
display rsa (RSA Display module status and configuration information)
display runstat (Display running statistic information of system)
display saved-configuration (The saved configur ation information)
display sctp (ScTP protocol)
display display section called-details (Section details)
display security of anti-dos (the Configure of anti-dos)
display security of anti-ipspoofing (the Configure of anti-ipspoofing)
display security of anti-macspoofing (Anti-macspoofing function switch statement)
display security the bind (the display the bind information)
display security the config (the display security the config)
display security conflict The (the display the IP / the MAC conflict The information)
display security dos-the blacklist (the display security dos-the blacklist)
display security the ip-the bind (the display security the dynamic a binding the IP address)
display security mac-filter (the mac address filter)
display service,-num (the display service, number (s))
display service,-port (the Service port)
display service,-port-bundle (the Service virtual port bundle)
display shdsl (shdsl group command)
display snmp-agent (agent-snmp command group)
display snmp-profile (profile SNMP command group)
display special-portid (Special port GEM)
display ssh (ssh command group)
display stacking (VLAN sta cking)
display the standalone (the Info for the stand to alone)
display standby-port (of The ports of standby board)
display statistics (statistics command group)
display stp (the Spanning tree protocol)
display sysman (sysman command group)
display system (system command group)
display tag-mode (Tag mode)
display tcont (T-CONT)
display tcp (TCP status and configuration information)
display tdm-connect (tdm-connect command group)
display tei-check (TEI check parameters)
display temperature (temperature command group)
display terminal (terminal command group)
display thresholdid (the display threshold id information)
display tid-the format (Terminal ID)
display tid-: template (the tID: template)
display traffic (traffic command group)
display traffic-a suppress (the display information of board traffic suppression)
trap display (trap command group)
display trap-sync (synchronization switch trap display)
display-info tunnel (Tunnel Info)
display policy-tunnel (Tunnel Policy)
display udp (UDP status and configuration infor mation)
display upward-bandwidth (Set upward bandwidth parameters)
display user (User define ring)
display vdsl (vdsl command group)
display vlan (vlan command group)
display vlan-feature (Display configuration of VLAN)
display vmac (Configure / display VMAC information)
display vmac-umac-mapping (mapping of the Display VMAC-UMAC)
display para-voice (voice para running)
display voice-para-template (template Parameter)
display vrrp-snoop (VRRP-SNOOPING command group)
display vtp- cdp (VTP-CDP)
display wred-profile (WRED profile)
display xdsl (XDSL)
display xpon (xpon command group)
display board of the display board information
display mode the CAR-car-mode
display port-car-port of the CAR and the CoS
display current-configuration Current configuration
display dual-parenting-protect Type-B dual parenting protect command
Command in GPON modes:
interface gpon x/x
display ont alarm-profile ONT alarm profile
display ont alarm-state ONT alarm state
display ont autofind Automatically found ONT
display ont capability ONT capability
display ont config-capability ONT configuration capability set the oNT ont the info display information
display ont ipconfig the oNT configuration the IP
display mac-count ont the mAC count
display ont mg the MG interface
display ont optical-alarm-profile the Optical alarm profile
display ont optical-the info Information Part about the the ONT optical transceiver
display ont port port command group
display ont potsport the POTS port of the type
display ont register-the info the ONT register information for for last 10 Times
display ont snmp-profile the oNT the sNMP profile
display ont snmp-route the sNMP route
display ont traffic the oNT realtime traffic
display ont version the oNTversion information
display ont of voip a VOIP service,
display ont info-port ddm the ddm Port informationn
display the info Port port information
display ont port optical alarm-profile Optical alarm profile
display ont port state Port state
display sippstnuser SIPPSTNUSER
display statistics statistics command group
display unbound gemport Unbound GEM-Port configuration command group


Hi! I am Shahed Israr. I try to help GPON Technology users with their queries and provide them with relevant and accurate information to the best of my ability. My main goal is to assist and enhance GPON Technology user and help people find the answers they're looking for quickly and easily.

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Hi! I am Shahed Israr. I try to help GPON Technology users with their queries and provide them with relevant and accurate information to the best of my ability. My main goal is to assist and enhance GPON Technology user and help people find the answers they're looking for quickly and easily.

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7 thoughts on “Huawei MA56xx OLT Command Lists

  1. Sir,
    getting error [Failure: Command can not be executed rightly, the cause is: Loading(backuping,rollbacking,duplicating…) command being executed. Please retry later] while saving configuration. same error repeats after power cycling the OLT. How to recover ?

  2. Hi

    How can I check a serial numbers of installed components (fan,scun,prte,cards, etc.)
    Thanks for help.

  3. Sir,
    There is not displaying the saving process in my huawei olt. but it is saving in background. what can I do for display the saving process? please help me

  4. Hi Shahed, thank you for a great page!! Ive got one issue. We need to edit ONU description. Can i do that without deleting the service profiles, then the ONU and re-adding the whole ONU and its service profiles again?


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